Indefinite hiatus

I’m sad to say that this fansite will not be updated in foreseeable future. Read my post at Tarakorean for details.

Gangkiz Korea International Fansite

Sorry that I couldn’t share more love about Gangkiz here, I am liking them more and more as time goes, but I’ll have to support them in a quieter way in future.

Gangkiz at Gibalhan Chicken

Gangkiz members enjoying a meal at a Gibalhan Chicken restaurant which is endorsed by their sister group T-ara.

Gangkiz Gibalhan Chicken restaurant

Gangkiz Gibalhan Chicken restaurant

Credit: jh0417kr@Twitter

MAMA Music Core 120623 & 120630

MAMA live on MBC Music Core on 120623 and 120630.

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Mama HQ concept pictures

Mama’s album jacket concept photos.

Gangkiz Mama concept picture

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